200 Hour Teacher Training Coming in 2020

200 Hour Teacher Training


Inclusive Yoga Teacher Training, Next Training Session in 2020

This training program is for yogis who wish to expand their knowledge of yoga, deepen their practice, and become certified through the Yoga Alliance to become a yoga instructor.  This program has an emphasis on knowledge of anatomy to safely and effectively practice yoga, and learning tools to help you instruct students of all abilities and fitness levels.

Yoga Alliance Approved Curriculum

Yoga Philosophy

Learn the history of yoga, study Patanjali's yoga sutras and the Eight Limbs of Yoga.

Become familiar with the five sheaths, Bandhas, Gunas, and Doshas.


Study the muscles, skeletal system, planes of movement, directional movement, the fascial system, and how to instruct yoga asana through muscle engagement to safely and effectively practice yoga.

Yoga Asana

In depth study of the different groups of physical poses and how to sequence them to plan a yoga practice. Compare and contrast the different types of yoga practices.

How To Teach

Learn how to teach to all individuals.

Study ways to modify and adapt yoga poses with and with out the use of props.

Study how to help students in a general class with specific needs.

Learn how to plan and structure a practice for a general class.

Spend time teaching yoga practices to small and large groups.

Deepen Your Personal Practice

Spend time working on your own personal practice by deepening your understanding of Yoga Asana and anatomy.

The Business of Yoga

Learn about how to maintain your certification through The Yoga Alliance.

Study ways to market your skill and build a clientele. 

Learn about the ethics of being a yoga instructor.

Training will be scheduled soon coming in 2020!