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Class Descriptions


Slow Flow

The Slow Flow style usually provides poses that range from gentle to challenging. The pace is slower and emphasis is placed on safe alignment and maintaining balance and slow breathing. This style is well-suited to new students, or for those who desire deep concentration within their practice. 

Energy Flow

Energy Flow relies more on synchronized breathing with each movement to produce beautiful flowing patterns of motion and energy. Energy Flow is a bit more vigorous than Slow Flow creating an internal heat resulting in big benefits of overall detoxification and cardiovascular fitness. 

Feel Me Flow

A fun and flowing practice connecting breath and alignment to music ranging from pop to hip hop! 

Yoga Foundations

Slow movement with a deeper description of each pose. Great for beginners and suitable for the seasoned yogi looking to refine asanas in their practices. 

Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra, meaning yogic sleep, is a guided mediation practice. Sometimes preceding the meditation with restorative yoga poses to help prepare the body and mind to settle into a comfortable and relaxing supine position. No experience necessary. All are welcome. 



Tween Yoga- Feel Me Flow

Tween Yoga is a fun environment for those 10-14 years of age. All the benefits of yoga and an energy burn while moving and flowing to anything from pop to hip hop! Ages 10-14

Candlelight Gentle Flow

Gentle Classes are therapeutic and soothing to the soul. Poses are deliberate and unhurried, and are not physically demanding. Especially supportive of students who are dealing with stress or injuries, this class is appropriate for all levels, including those that are new to yoga.